How to set popup campaigns ?

  • Click on "Create New Campaign" from the On site popups.
  • Select the campaign type as "popup" from the In app campaigns section.
  • You can select one among the default templates available.
  • Use the drag and drop builder and customize your pop up campaign. 
  • An example for display rules is set.
  • The rules are time on page is atleast 10 or time on page is no more than 20.
  • A pop up message will be displayed when the time spent on a page is atleast 10 secs or time spent on a page is less than 20 secs.
  • Here is a screenshot of the pop up that will be displayed when a condition is satisfied. 


  • The time entered is calculated in seconds
  • A slide in will be displayed only when the specified time frame is reached. 
  • Popular combinations are

Time on site is not more than 30 secs and the URL path is the homepage
Time on page is atleast 10 secs and time on site is not more than 40 secs  

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