Convert the website visitors into customers by showing personalised messages based on the customer behaviour.

Here is a best example:

You can show a 10% coupon in a popup or an action bar when the customer tries to exit your website or shop (it is called an exit-intent marketing). 

Researches found that "Exit-intent based campaigns" can increase your conversions and revenue by at least 50 to 60%.  (Heads up! Don't believe those that claim 300% increase. That can't be true in a real world scenario!)

Exit-intent strategy examples

  • On product pages: Stop users leaving after viewing a product by sweetening the deal somehow (eg: coupon code).
  • Cart abandonment: Reduce cart abandonment with a last minute offer or ask people to save their shopping list.
  • Landing pages: When your landing page message doesn’t quite work, exit popups provide one last chance to make an offer.
  • Running discounts: People might be more willing to hand over their email address for a special offer that lasts a week, rather than forcing them to buy now.
  • Price/availability alerts: When prices or availability often change (flights, properties, job positions, etc.), offering alerts is a great way to get people involved with your brand.

Campaignrabbit helps you create engaging exit-intent popups through its visual drag and drop editor and powerful behaviour targeting engine.

Let's create an exit-intent popup as your first on-site messaging campaign

Creating your first on-site messaging campaign

Login to campignrabbit

Navigate to Campaigns -> On site popups  and click "Create New Campaign" to get started

In the next screen, choose the campaign type. For this example, let's choose the "popup" type

You will be presented with a gallery of templates. Choose one and proceed. You can customize this template to your branding requirements in the drag and drop editor

Now, you can see the visual editor. You can add / edit / remove text, images, buttons and more. 

A popular exit-intent strategy is to show a coupon code with a discount when they try to exit. It motivates the visitor to buy.

In the same step, you can also set up "Display rules" .

These rules help you control when the popup should appear. For our example, let's choose the Exit-Detected rule

NOTE: The Rule engine is very powerful and you can combine it with other conditions as well.
Example: You can show the popup when the customer is on a specific url (example your "Shop page" and tries to exit from that page)

And that's all! You have successfully created your first on-site messaging campaign.

Set the Campaign Live

What's Next ?

Create your first In-App Campaign (popup / slide-in / action bar)

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