Manual messages are something that are sent on one shot.
Let's take an example :
You are trying to send a campaign for New Year!! On such events,  you can create an email and send it out to people rightaway. (Yes! rightaway)

This has no start date, no end date.. No hidden settings..
Just send the campaign and start monitoring the open rate and click rate.

Seasonal Campaigns are the best example for manual messages.

What is seasonal campaign ?

  • Campaigns created based on festivals/holiday for specific countries.

Why seasonal campaign ?

  • Seasonal campaign works on all type of business.
  • Since it is based on seasons, this targets a specific group of customers which has a higher ratio in sales.
  • Seasonal campaigns increases cross sale engagement.

How to create a Seasonal campaign ?

  • Navigate to Campaigns tab from dashboard.
  • Click on "Create New Campaign" from the "Manual Messages" section. 

The target audience should contain the following conditions:

  • Match all customers whose name has any value and the country is USA.

In message section, draft the mail content.

Click "Save and set live".

To know more about working with the editor types, click here.

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