Campaigns lets you automate your email marketing and saves you huge time and money.
You can create campaigns based on a number of parameters - customer behaviour, their total spent, geolocation, purchase history and more.

Types of campaigns supported by Campaignrabbit

Automated Email

  • Send a personalised offer on Socks within 2-3 days after the purchase of Shoes
  • Recover abandoned orders by sending a reminder 24 hours after the customer left the site
  • Win back the customers who have not made any single order in the last 60 days (you can think of giving a handsome discount)
  • Recommend Headphones to a customer who bought a mobile phone in your store
  • Send a personalised welcome message immediately after the customer purchases. It makes your brand more professional.

Manual Email 

  • Campaign mails that are sent for a particular season will fall under manual campaigns.
  • This campaign is used to send mails in one shot.

Popups, Slide-ins, Action Bars, Opt-ins

  •  Exit-indent detection:  If a visitor is leaving your site, Campaignrabbit can detect and allows you to make one last offer to convert him into a customer.
  • If a customer spends a bit of time on the cart page, give him a little motivation through an offer to complete checkout
  • Show a recommendation or a message when a customer visits a specific page/URL. It could be a popup / slide-in / floating action bar

Why you need targeted campaigns ?

Let's look at the campaigns through an example scenario.

Let's assume that you are selling shoes, socks, t-shirts and caps.  So far, you might be sending generic newsletters to every customer promoting an offer. You probably have already noticed that your conversion rates are drastically low.

That is primarily because of generic targeting. Here are some key factors that are resulting in lower conversion rates

  • Poor targeting - Not every customer will be interested in your offer. A customer who purchased a cap may not be interested in the offer on socks.
  • Wrong timing - Customers usually expect a tailor made offers at the right time. What would be the use when you send an offer on socks to a customer who purchased shoes last year. 

How to create conversion-focussed campaigns?

The simple answer is - personalised, targeted campaigns. 

Let's take the above scenarios and see how do we create better campaigns

  • User behaviour targeting - Sending an offer on Socks only to those customers who purchased Shoe will make more sense and get better conversions.
  • Right timing  - You got to send the offer on Socks 2 - 3 days after the customer purchased Shoes. That's what eCommerce biggies like Amazon.Com  does! And they can't be wrong.

More importantly, these campaigns should be triggered automatically upon the user's purchase behaviour. 

This is exactly what the Campaigns do. 

Campaignrabbit helps you create conversion-focussed email campaigns based on the customer's purchase behaviour, his geolocation, total spent and a number of other parameters.

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