Campaignrabbit is a Marketing Automation platform built specially for the eCommerce businesses.

Currently, it integrates with the following popular eCommerce systems

  • WooCommerce
  • J2Store
  • Shopify (coming soon)
  • BigCommerce (coming soon)
  • Magento (coming soon)

More than 67% of the visitors abandon the cart and never return! It is a proven study. You can get more details about it here.

How do we convert the visitors into paying customers and more importantly, how are we going to retain them?

Campaignrabbit is the answer to these questions.

What can you do with Campaignrabbit?

If you are running an eCommerce business and sell goods or services online, you can use Campaignrabbit to 

  • Recover abandoned carts - You can create a campaign that "automatically" sends when there is a cart abandonment. Studies show that you can recover at least 35% of abandoned carts when you re-engage with your customers.
  • Dynamic product recommendations - Send personalised product recommendations to your customers that can drive repeat purchases.  Example: Suggest a pair of socks when a customer purchases a shoe. 
  • User behaviour targeting - Trigger a popup  / slide-in message  when the customer lingers in the cart page for a minute or two. The popup can contain a coupon code that motivates customers to purchase
  • Action bars  - Create action bars and display them at the top or the bottom to run a flash sale with a coupon or showcase a new arrival at discounted rate. Again, No coding required. Use our drag and drop visual builder for creating the messages.
  • Welcome emails - Send a personalised welcome message when a customer makes a purchase in the store. It makes your brand more professional
  • Actionable Insights and Store Metrics - Keep tab of your store's key metrics and performance indicators. Campaignrabbit provides a dashboard with actionable insights and metrics about your store.

Who uses Campaignrabbit?

  • Growth focussed sales teams to drive repeat purchases and get more sales
  • Marketing teams that create data-driven promotional strategies and look for 360 degree view of their customer base.
  • Store owners who always keep tab of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of their store and make decisions based on the data

What's Next

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