Synchronise existing customers- J2store

By Kowsaliya

Updated 2 months ago

Let's see on how to synchronize existing customers and how to set a cron job.

This is a one time scheduling which has to be done for synchronizing the existing customers.

All the new orders created henceforth, will be in sync with campaignrabbit.

  • Once your connection is successful, navigate to Synchronize existing customer/order tab.
  • Make sure the manual synchronization is set to no and click save.
  • Here you can sync all the existing customers and orders.

    Setting up a cron job:

    A cron job is a scheduled internal trigger.
    Add a cron job in the advanced section of the cpanel.
    Specify time interval,cron url and add the cron job.

    For detailed information on how to set the cron job, click here.

    What's next:
    Setting up campaigns.

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