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By Kowsaliya

Updated 2 months ago

Once you have decided on what campaign to choose, you need to start creating one. 

Campaignrabbit comes with an easy drag and drop editor which brings your creativity to reality.

Drag and Drop Editor:

This drag and drop is the most easiest and the quickest way to create a campaign.

      You can come up with your own style or choose any one of the available template.

All you need to do here is, just drag the contents that you wish to insert and drop in the message body. 
You can add any content and modify any formatting style.
All you need to do is, just drag the contents and drop in the content panel.

Additionally there is an option to add shortcodes in mail content.

       Shortcodes will be listed under tags option. Choose the relevant shortcode according to your requirement.

In a flick, you can change the size and the styles. 

Also, to cross check, you can toggle between different devices and check the view.

To add shortcodes, click on the element and select Merge tags option.
Choose the shortcode from the list of codes available.

By default, there are 14 shortcodes in CampaignRabbit.

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