Integration with Woocommerce

By Kowsaliya

Updated 2 months ago

It only takes a few clicks to install Campaignrabbit and integrate with the Woocommerce plugin so that you can start your e-mail campaign.

  • Use this URL to login.
  • Enter login credentials and sign in to your account.

  • Next is the welcome page, click on download button of Woocommerce plugin.
  • Copy the app id and API token and enter your website address. Click update and continue.

  • You have successfully logged into the account.
  • Now, add the downloaded plugin(zip file) in your website. (Plugins--> Add plugin --> Upload zip file) 
  • Provide API token and App id and hit Connect.  Check, if the authentication is successful.


  • Click here to download the zip file.
  • Make sure to give the correct domain name in the settings page.
  • Forgot to make a note of the app id and API token ? Don't worry! You can generate API tokens from the settings page anytime.

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