Reorder campaign

By Kowsaliya

Updated 2 months ago

What is a re-order campaign ?
If you are selling a product that needs to be reordered regularly, such as medicines or ink cartridges, you can use a reorder campaign to remind customers before they run out.

Why re-order campaign ?
Coming up with an effective reorder email strategy will result in a significant boost in sales and revenue.

Reorder emails are the perfect opportunity to encourage customers to buy again with you, not a competitor.
How to create a re-order Campaigns ?

Navigate to Campaigns tab and click on create new campaign.

The target audience should contain the following conditions:

Match all customers whose name has any value, product name is ink cartridge and the last ordered is more than 15 days.

Specify category(if any). 

Set the start date.

Set end date(optional).

In message section, draft the mail content.

Click "Save and set live".

To know more about working with the editor types, click here.

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