How Campaign works

By Kowsaliya

Updated 2 months ago

Now let's see on the most important part, creating campaigns!!

There are three steps to follow for creating campaigns :-)

1. Choose Audience
2. Campaign Settings
3. Campaign Message

Navigate to Campaigns tab from dashboard.

Click on "Create New Campaign". 

Choose Audience:

First you gotta choose between Match All/Match Any.

  • Match all - The segment displays the list of customers only when all the given conditions are met.
  • Match any - The display result will be a list of customers if any one of the given condition is satisfied.

Select the your filter condition and specify the value.

Campaign Settings:

*  Select the category (optional).

* Provide a suitable mail subject. 

* Set the date on which mail should be sent.

* Set the end date(optional). 
My campaign name is Customer Abandoned Cart Notification Email

* Create your campaign by adding description and add necessary details to make it mastery.

* You can either select the default templates that are available or create your own mail body. 

* To know more about working with the editor types, click here.

* Click Set&Live and you will be notified via E-mail.

Go the extra mile so the customer comes back. It’s totally worth it :)

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