Order Status and Total Spent

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Let us now see on how we can create a new segment.

At first, decide if you want all or any of the conditions to be matched. 
Do you want ALL of the conditions to be matched or ANY of the conditions ?

Let us see with an example:
I am going to sort out all the customer details where order status is "unpaid" and the total spent is greater than $1000.

  • Segment/clear selection and match all is selected.
  • In the condition pane, I am giving both the conditions, the order status and the last ordered. Value is specified for each of the condition.
  • We have a wide variety of conditions to choose from, any of the condition can be matched with any of the attributes.

Onclick of create segment provide a suitable name and you can see the segment appearing along with the existing segments.

The amount entered in total spent is considered in USD. 
There are different parameters you can choose from. 
For the condition, for Order Status there are different parameters such as Paid, Unpaid, Pending, Cancelled, Failed and Completed. 
Similar way, for Total spent the parameters are Is,Isnot,Greater Than and Less Than.
You can combine any of the parameters according to your requirement.
Popular Combinations are:
Total spent is greater than $150 and Order status is Paid.
Total spent is less than $100 and the Order status Has Any Value.
Total spent is $200 and the order status isNot Cancelled.

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