Country and Order status

By Kowsaliya

Updated 2 months ago

I am going to sort out all the customers belonging to the country USA and the order status in not cancelled.
Match all is selected.
Two filter conditions are set. One for country and another one for order status.
Navigate to customer tab and click on new segment.
I am giving Match all and setting the conditions accordingly.
Here, I am choosing country and order status.

In each of the condition, there are different parameters. Choose the most relevant to your requirement.
Check the screenshot below for my example.

Hit Save Segment and use it anytime you need.

There are different parameters you can choose from. 
For the condition, Country we have different parameters like Is, Is not, Starts With, Ends With, Contains and so on. 
Similar way, for Order Status there are different parameters such as Paid, Unpaid, Pending, Cancelled, Failed and Completed.
You can combine any of the parameters according to your requirement.
Popular Combinations are
Country contains America and the order status isNot Failed.
Country Has Any Value and Order Status is Completed.
County Starts With United and Order Status is Pending.

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