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What is campaignrabbit and how to use it ?

* Let's say you are a store owner and you want to keep in touch with the customers, Campaignrabbit is introduced to make things easier for  you. 
* It is an E-mail campaign where a campaign is set to a goal. The goal is to send direct e-mails to targeted recipients. 
* Our E-mail campaigning tool comes with statistics and analytics which focuses on the goal of customer retention.

Common Campaignrabbit Goals:

* Finding the list of customers who hasn't placed an order in the last 15 days and sends a remainder mail to those customers.
* Find the list of customers across specific city/region/country and sends a mail indicating about the exclusive discounts available.
* Finding the list of customers who has signed up and not purchased any products.
* Running a special campaign for all the first time ordered customers.
* Likewise, you can come up with your goal and Campaignrabbit does the job for you.

What's Next ?

* Login with Campaignrabbit
* Download the plug in based on your requirement.
* You can choose from two options :

    Woocomerce Plugin - Wordpress Based Websites.
     J2 Store Plugin - Joomla Based Websites

* Authenticate your connection.
* Start campaigning.

If you need any help, just send us a message - we always love to help you 

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